Everyone Have The Opportunity To Perform in Events To Live Audience Online and in Different State Industries. 

We Perform Up To 12 Every Year. For Right Now, We Will Perform In Commercials, Showcases, & Videos.

Our Dance Studio Will Provide More Details About Participating In Performances Before We Do Events In Classes.

Read Information Below To Learn More About What We Will Do In Each Event Listed Below.

Commercials We do online and television commercials every year. The purpose is to promote our dance studio and services for adults and teens who are looking for a place to dance and achieve their goals. All commercials will be available for everyone to see online on blogs, social media, and websites.


Performance Dance Teams & Groups We invite all adult and teen dancers to join our Performance Companies (Dance Teams) or Performance Classes. Our Adult and Teen Company and Performance Dancers practice 2-3 days for 4-12 hours every week preparing for performing in events. They will perform ballet, contemporary, hip hop, international, jazz, musical theater, pom, and tap dance in events including competitions, showcases, and videos every year. Visit the “Classes” page under the “Adult and Teen Performance Classes & Companies” section in the "Fees, Important Information, and Policies" section.

Showcases Everyone does our showcases and other organizations’ showcases every year. There will be documents, refreshments, and souvenirs served during these events. Our performers are also welcome to participate in our production number performances during our showcases. Everyone will have the opportunity to show the live audience their dance moves and what they learn from our dance programs in these events. All showcases will be available online on DVDs and our websites. 


Videos We will perform in commercial, dance class, instructional, music, and performance videos every year. It will give us a great opportunity to dance on camera through a live audience worldwide. All videos will be available online and DVDs and our websites.

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